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Wayne Chen holds a B.S. in Supply Chain Management and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics.  Fascinated by optimization and getting the most bang for his buck growing up, he knew Supply Chain was the field for him the minute he started the intro course during his undergraduate tenure.  He currently works full time as a JR. Systems Information Administrator for a HVAC/R wholesale-distributor, and as a book keeper for a small steel detailing firm.

He enjoys learning about and mastering a myriad of subjects other than supply chain including but not limited to personal finance, financial independence, statistics, economics, minimalism, philosophy, software, fitness, and cooking.

Applying the concepts of Supply Chain Management on a day to day basis, he strives for efficiency in every way possible.  From optimizing his personal finances, to personalizing a recipe for dinner with what’s on hand, he tries to incorporate logic and analytics into all life decisions.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you learn and grow as much as I do from this site!

Wayne Chen